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Why A Mirror is a Home Décor Must-Have

Why A Mirror is a Home Décor Must-Have

Have you ever wondered why mirrors are everywhere in hotels, malls, museums, restaurants, and other establishments? That is because mirrors are a fail-proof interior design accessory. They bring countless benefits to any space making them one of the must-haves in decorating any space in your home. Mirrors are the perfect addition to a boring entryway, a lifeless bedroom, a typical dull bathroom design, and they can even be used in unexpected spaces like your garage. 

We have listed the Top 5 benefits of having mirrors, check them below.

  1. Mirrors Create the Illusion of Space

Mirrors make a tiny space look bigger because of the science behind reflection and bouncing lights. Let us not bore ourselves with technical details, but get ready and get a mirror for that small powder room or that bedroom and see the change a mirror can do.

Baroque Style Wall Mirror

This beautifully designed wall mirror with an ornate frame creates a classic atmosphere in your bathroom, dressing room, or bathroom.

This antique-look mirror features a sturdy wooden frame that is meticulously crafted in a decorative Baroque pattern. Additionally, the beveled edge gives this mirror a unique look.

The mirror is ready to be wall-mounted thanks to the already installed hooks on the backboard.

Color: White
Material: Wood and glass
Dimensions: 19.7" x 15.7" (L x W)
Mirror shape: Rectangle
With mounting hooks


Available here: https://daisys-choice.com/collections/bath-accessories/products/wall-mirror-baroque-style-19-7x15-7-white 


  1. Mirrors Brighten Any Space

Thanks to the same principle of reflection and bouncing lights, mirrors also add brightness to any space thus making it a happy and more cheerful space. Dark spaces like hallways, walk-in closets, and other poorly lit areas would benefit from a mirror hung strategically to reflect natural or artificial lighting. 

Below is our best-seller. Get it today at https://daisys-choice.com/collections/bath-accessories/products/cosmetic-mirror-19-7x43-3-solid-acacia-wood 


Solid Acacia Wood Cosmetic Mirror

Material: Solid acacia wood and glass
Size: 19.7" x 43.3" (W x H)
Finish: Polished and lacquered
Assembly: No assembly is required


  1. Mirrors Are A Great Statement Pieces

A fancy or a decorative mirror in a living room can attract attention and even serve as a conversation starter. Mirrors are a timeless home décor piece and most modern living rooms today can be seen using mirrors as statement pieces. 

Our Sunburst Wall Mirror is eye-catching and designed with a powder-coated steel frame in a sunburst design, which adds a whimsical touch to your interior. Thanks to the pre-drilled hole on its top, the mirror can be easily mounted onto the wall.

Color: Black
Material: Powder-coated steel + mirrored glass
Outer diameter: 23.6"
Glass diameter: 8.2"


Get it here: https://daisys-choice.com/collections/bath-accessories/products/wall-mirror-sunburst-23-6-black


  1. Mirrors Hide Imperfections

Hole in the wall? Scratched paint? Visible marks on the wall? Hanging a mirror over these imperfections is an easy and fast solution! Although it is a temporary fix, the convenience of covering these flaws will prevent you from the unnecessary stress of spending money on a renovation right away.  

Get  this Rattan Wicker Mirror today at https://daisys-choice.com/collections/bath-accessories/products/mirror-wicker-brown-19-7x39-4 

Color: Brown
Material: Wicker frame + glass
Size: 19.7" x 39.4" (W x H)
Easy to mount onto the wall
Delivery includes wall mounting accessories


  1. Mirrors Make You Aware Of Your Appearance

The main use of a mirror is to see yourself and make sure that you look good, to make sure that there is nothing on your face, and to make sure that your hair is tidy. Mirrors are mostly placed in bathrooms, but a mirror on your entryway will allow you to check your appearance before heading out, a mirror on your dining room walls will allow you to check yourself and make sure that no food is stuck on your teeth after a meal. Mirrors in a dining room will also help set a great mood and atmosphere by reflecting and bouncing lights around. 

Check out this Round Teak Wall Mirror here https://daisys-choice.com/collections/bath-accessories/products/wall-mirror-15-7-teak-round-1


Material: Solid teak wood and glass
Overall dimensions: 15.7" x 3.1" (Diameter x H)
Retro woven tree branches frame
With mounting hook
Assembly required: No


Check out our Mirror Collection here for other options. https://daisys-choice.com/search?q=mirror 


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Luke Smith replied on Sep 23, 2022

It’s great that you pointed out how mirrors could make a tiny space look bigger due to the science behind reflection and bouncing lights. We have a lot of empty spaces on the wall of our house, so I am thinking of hanging some things on them. Having at least one mirror sounds good, so we should probably ask for a custom mirror installation.


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