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Using Wall Art To Create Different Moods In Your Living Room

Using Wall Art To Create Different Moods In Your Living Room

Using Wall Art To Create Different Moods In Your Living Room

There are many aspects and levels of interior design, and one area that can really make a difference to a room is wall decor. Do not be tempted to think of wall decor as a way of simply filling wall space. It’s true that wall decor can break up an empty space and stop a room from appearing blank, but wall art can be so much more than this. Wall decor is too often seen as just an afterthought, but if you choose your wall decor carefully, it can enhance the mood and atmosphere of the room and even affect the way you feel.

Art has the ability to engage us, and studies have shown that simply observing artwork can reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol and, by extension, alleviate stress. Art has the power to bring us into the present moment, creating feelings of mindfulness. Far from just filling a space in a room, wall decor can actually boost our experience of being in the room. Here's how to choose wall art carefully to ensure your wall decor can enhance the atmosphere in your living room and create different moods.

What is considered art?

A piece of art is an artistic creation that has aesthetic value and it is considered to be something that can evoke an emotional response in a person, so it is no wonder that it can create different moods when used in interior design. When people think of wall art, they typically think of a framed print or a canvas. However, wall art can take many forms, such as photography, sculpture, or religious artifacts. It can also be an item that has functional as well as aesthetic value, so it is important to consider the wide variety of wall art available.

Choosing Wall Art

Art should evoke feelings in you, and when you are choosing wall art, you should really take time to pay particular attention to the way the piece of art makes you feel and how looking at it affects your mood. Features such as size and shape are essential to consider as you need to ensure the wall art will fit physically into the space you need it for. You need to ensure that it will not overpower the space, but you should also consider the effect the art has on you.

Colors and Mood

Colors can really affect our mood, so the dominant colors used in wall art can help to set the atmosphere and ambience of a room.

Bright colors such as reds and oranges can boost energy levels and make us feel confident. However, red also has romantic associations and can, when used in the correct shades and hues, help to create a cozy and romantic mood in a living room. This Romantic Roses Wall Sconce, for example, with its beautiful red glass flower petals, would create a soft red romantic glow.

Colors and Mood

Blues and greens are traditionally used to help create a calming space. You will often find dental practices have soft green or blue walls to help patients feel calm. Your living room doesn’t have to feel like a dental waiting room, however. You can give your living room a tranquil atmosphere with wall art such as this Three Candle Peacock Wall Sconce, which has delicate, soft turquoise hues.

Colors and Mood

Art to unwind

In addition to using blue and green shades, soft hues of other colors can be used to unwind. Gentle landscapes, soft abstracts, impressionist representations, and watercolors can also be used to help our minds relax.

Inspire and uplift

Art can help create a positive mood and boost imagination and creativity. If you want your living room to have an inspirational mood, try looking for unique pieces of art that will help increase your own creative thoughts and processes. This Live, Love, Laugh Wall Decor would be perfect for boosting a positive mood.

You could create your own wall decor to make it really personal to you, either by trying to producing your own artwork or by creating a collection of personal photos. This 5-photo Family Wall Frame, for example, is an easy way of displaying meaningful photos to inspire and uplift .

Art with vibrant colors or shapes can also have an uplifting effect on us. This Golden Rays Sunburst Mirror, for example, should evoke uplifting feelings with its powerful sunbeams.

Inspire and uplift


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