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Signs That Your Dog Loves You

Signs That Your Dog Loves You

As dog owners, there is no doubt that we love and adore our dogs. We try our best to provide them with all their needs physically, mentally, and emotionally. We make it a point to feed them properly, bathe them, play with them, walk them, and give them comfortable lives. After all, we only get to spend about 10 to 13 precious years with them.

As fur parents, it gives us great joy to know and confirm that our pooches love us too! Below are some sure signs that will tell you that your dog loves you.



Your dog is excited to see you

Even if you’ve been out of the house for 5 minutes, your dog will be super excited to welcome you back as soon as you appear on your doorstep. Even if you have spent a couple of minutes getting something from the garage, your dog feels that you have been away for eternity that is why they will welcome you with a wagging tail, excited squealing, and some face licking.


Your dog follows you everywhere

And by everywhere, we mean even to the bathroom. Your dog loves you and wants to make sure that you are within sight all the time even during your pee breaks. Dogs are also very protective of their owners, hence, they want to make sure to be with you in a cold and damp place like your bathroom. Dogs want to stay with you all the time to make sure that you are well guarded and protected even if it means waking up in the middle of their sleep. 




Your dog looks at you with eyes full of affection

The saying, “the eyes are the window to the soul” also applies to your dog. If your dog looks at you with gentle and loving eyes, then you know for sure that he loves you. Locking eye to eye in the dog world is a sign of aggression and a challenge for dominance, but when your dog looks into your eyes with affection and tenderness, you have just been assured that you are loved.


Your dog sleeps in your bedroom 

Dogs are intelligent creatures and know that when you sleep, you are in a vulnerable state and want to stay close to you. When your dog stays and sleeps in your bedroom even if you are not around means that they are comfortable even with just your scent lingering in an area. 


Your dog gives you presents

Some dogs show their love by giving their owners little presents and trinkets like flowers, twigs, rocks, or whatever little things they think you would love. If your dog gives you their favorite toy, it means they also want you to have fun playing with it, so accept it and play with them even for a bit. They will be happy to play with something that they give you. 


Your dog smiles at you

Yes, dogs smile and if you see yours smiling at you it is a sure indication that he loves you. You would know your dog is smiling at you when they pull its lips back to reveal a big, wide, toothy grin. If this happens, do not hesitate to smile back and talk to them in a sweet and loving voice. 


Your dog cuddles with you

If your dog cuddles with you when you watch TV, or when you hang out on your couch, or when you are relaxing in your garden, it means that your dog is happy and content to do an idle activity with you. 


Your dog sleeps next to you

When your dog sleeps next to you in bed or on the floor on their dog bed, it means that they love you so much and don’t want any wasted moment to be away from you. When your dog sleeps next to you, it means that they also trust you even when they are most vulnerable.


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