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Outdoor Space Makeover For Fall

Outdoor Space Makeover For Fall

Fall has arrived and the temperature’s beginning to drop making the mornings and nights nice and cozy perfect for hanging out in your outdoor spaces. Autumn is said to be the perfect season because it brings relief from the Summer heat and a great transition for the upcoming cold of Winter. We prepared some of the easiest ways to give your outdoor spaces a makeover for Fall so you can enjoy watching the leaves change their colors, and enjoy the cool breeze of Autumn evenings. 

Get Cozy and Warm

With the drop in temperature, making your outdoor space cozy and warm is a must. It’s time to bring out the blankets and fur fleeces that are stored in the closet. Autumn evenings are perfect for sipping some hot cocoa or tea in your garden while you are bundled in your favorite blanket while enjoying the heat from a firepit or bonfire.

Fire pits are also a great addition to your outdoor garden, lawn, and yard to make your nights perfect for hanging out with your family or friends. 

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Switch to cold-resistant plants

It may be a little sad to say goodbye to colorful tropical plants that thrive during the summer, but remember that there are many plants that will give vibrancy and life to your outdoor garden even in a cold season. Changing to seasonal plants not only gives you an up-to-date garden but you are assured that your plants will thrive. If you still want a cheery and colorful garden this Fall, updating the paint or color of your pots will do the trick. Yellow, red, and orange pots will mimic the lively energy that summer plants give. 

Here are some plants that will thrive this Autumn:

Autumn crocus
Crab apple
Snowy Mespilus


Create a beautiful outdoor dining area

The cool but not too cold autumn temperature is perfect for outdoor dining. Create a cozy, luxurious, and inviting dining area in your garden, lawn, yard, or veranda, and take advantage of the perfect weather this Autumn to hang out with friends. It is said that there are more outdoor dinners and parties during Autumn than in all the other seasons. 

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Set the mood with outdoor lighting

Setting up proper lighting both indoor and outdoor creates an amazing ambiance. There are tons of available string lights for sale both online and in physical stores to decorate your outdoor spaces. Colors vary from white, yellow, multicolor, and warm white to choose from. There are also solar string lights, solar pathway lights, solar driveway lights, solar flood lights, solar spotlights, and solar patio lighting available to light up your outdoor spaces which lets you save on your power bills. Solar lights are the preferred type of outdoor lighting nowadays.

Bring the inside into the outdoors

One great way to do a makeover for your outdoor space is to bring the inside into the outdoors, You can do this by opening your veranda doors and extending the furniture and home decor into the veranda or patio. This way, you will create a bigger space for everyone to chill and hang out. Another way to do this is by bringing out some of your favorite indoor furniture and decor into the garden and enjoy the familiar comfort and coziness that you will create.

The all-time favorite, PUMPKINS!

What else could be the best item to complete your outdoor space makeover this Fall but Pumpkins! Pumpkins are the most iconic decor for Autumn and they are easy to find. You can get pumpkin decor, lanterns, pots, vases, paintings, etc. Fall is basically synonymous with pumpkin and it is a must-have for this season. 

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Autumn is a lovely season, and we wish for you to enjoy every single day or night of it. Visit us and see our beautiful, chic, and elegant homeware collection at http://daisys-choice.com



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