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How to Make Your Home Smell Great This Fall

How to Make Your Home Smell Great This Fall

The air has started to get chilly, the fireplace is once again lit, leaves are changing into beautiful colors. These are the signs that Fall has arrived.  A new season is here and it is that time of the year when we look forward to making our homes smell amazing. Of course, we always want to make our  homes smell great, but there is something very soothing in a house that carries the scent of Fall.

We will be sharing today some simple but very efficient ways to achieve amazing scents for the home this Fall.

Essential Oils

If you have a diffuser, Fall-themed essential oils are available on your favorite stores and also online. There are tons of brands and scents that you can choose from that you can change scents every week. 

These are our classic Fall favorite scents that we are sure you will also love:


Fall-Scented Linen Spray

Linen sprays are not just a bedroom must-have but it is also an essential in laundry areas and closets to ensure that your beddings, towels, pillowcases stay fresh and smell great all the time. Of course, it is great to lay on a bed that smells wonderful with a distinct Fall scent. Just like essential oils, your favorite store and online shops sure have seasonal scents for Autumn lovers. Below are some additional Fall scents that will surely uplift your mood all day all night.

Sweet Orange

Fall Reed Diffuser (DIY)

Reed diffusers are very pretty and are great for home decoration and air fresheners but it is no secret that they could be pricey for some. Reed diffusers are all the rage right now because they are safe and easy to use without the need for flame, batteries, or wire for plugs compared to candles and humidifiers. Reed diffusers are also perfect for those who easily get dizzy with strong aromas and prefer subtle scents for their home. Good news is, making your own reed diffuser with Fall scents or any scent for all occasions is very easy and simple. Plus, all the materials you need are easily sourced and are probably readily available to you. 

What you need:

Ceramic or glass vase
Baby oil or almond oil
Rattan reed diffuser sticks
Fall-scented essential oil of your choice


Pour in  ½ cup of baby oil or almond oil and 40 to 60 drops of essential oil into your flower vase. Shake gently until they are thoroughly mixed. Stick in about 6 to 7 reed diffuser sticks depending on how wide the size of your vase is. Let the sticks absorb the oils and enjoy your personalized Fall-themed reed diffuser scented room. 

You may do this DIY to achieve any scent that you want without paying for the hefty price of reed diffusers sold commercially.  

Our Anchor Hocking Bud Vase Glass (Clear) is perfect for your DIY reed diffuser this fall.

Details: 8.5 inches tall. 
Base measures 2.5 inches square.


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Scented Candles

Lighting scented candles is probably the most classic and traditional way to make any space smell good because it is a guaranteed way to make your living room, bedroom, dining room, bathroom smell terrific. Scented candles are also available everywhere from online shops, physical stores, they are even sold on groceries, local shops, and even on local fairs and events by your peers and neighbors. With all the other accessories to make your house smell amazing, lighting a scented candle is probably the only one that adds a romantic and calming atmosphere when lit at night and the dancing flames cast shadows on your walls. Plus, they come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and scents that ensure that you can have the scent you want for all occasions and seasons. 

Use this cute ceramic candle holder to accentuate your holiday centerpieces or table displays. This green candle holder features white detailing for contrast and cut out designs. 

Overall height: 3.46 inches
Opening: 2 inches
Metal handle: 1.25 inches

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Buy them here: https://daisys-choice.com/products/3-x-3-ribbed-scented-pillar-candle-in-box-assorted-case-pack-48?_pos=22&_sid=684ff1d19&_ss=r 

Make A Simmer Pot

Boiling a simmer pot is easy, customizable, natural, and cheap. That is why it is one of the best methods to make your home smell like Fall this season. Simmering a pot for all occasions and season has been our family tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. Plus, It’s easy as its name. You literally just need to boil some spices in water and simmer for the aroma to fill  your home. There are many spices to choose from for a Fall scented home. 

These are the most common and the most easily sourced ingredients: 

Cinnamon Sticks
Orange Peels
Lemon Peels
Star Anise
Pine Needles
A few drops of essential oil


How to do it: 

Fill a large pot with water and add in your spices, turn on the fire and bring it to a boil. Once the water starts to boil, lower fire and allow your concoction to simmer and fill your home with the wonderful scents of Fall. Remember to be mindful of the time so as not to evaporate all the water and burn your spices. You may also use a slow cooker for this trick. 

Keep Your House Clean

All these wonderful tips will not work if your house is dirty. Nothing above will do the trick to mask the stink of a house that needs cleaning. You do not need to spend tons of money and hire the service of professional cleaners (unless you wanted to) and keep the cleaning simple by doing the basic like mopping the floor, vacuuming, throwing the trash especially kitchen waste, wiping surfaces that needs to be rid of dirt, and opening your windows to let the morning sun in and also some fresh air. Sounds easy yet these basic cleaning steps will guarantee a clean and sparkling house. Once your house is all clean, making it smell great this Fall will be easy peasy.

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