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How To Keep Your House Cool This Summer

How To Keep Your House Cool This Summer

Summer is here, and the days may get uncomfortably hot during the day. Air Conditioning units are the easiest way to combat the heat, but, for some who cannot use an ACU, do not fret because there are many ways to cool your home this summer. Check them below. 

Do Not Allow Sunlight Inside

Yes, it is true that a house that gets sunlight is brighter and more cheerful, remember not to do this in summer. The sunlight inside the house will definitely cause a rise in the temperature of your home. Use block-out curtains, keep your blinds closed or you can do both together to make sure that you keep the sun from entering your home. 


Install Awnings 

Trees make the perfect shade during summer, but if you do not have trees outside, installing awnings above your window or doors will provide your home with the shade it needs during the summer heat.


Paint Your Roof White

White reflects heat and painting your roof white will significantly lower the temperature inside your house. The roof directly absorbs heat from the sun during summer and painting it white makes your roof reflect heat from the sun instead of absorbing the heat 100%. There are also Reflective Roof Paints available in hardware stores that are specially formulated to fully reflect sunlight. 


Unplug Appliances When Not in Use

Even if your appliances are not in use, they still emit heat if they are plugged in. Make it a habit to unplug your dishwashers, TV, Washing Machine, Dryers, Electric Oven, etc when not in use. This will not only help you save on your electric bill but also prevent extra heat from being released into your home. 


Do Your Cooking in the Evening

Cooking, baking, or grilling will make your kitchen and home warmer so it is best to do them in the evening or when the sun has gone down. Others also cook or use the oven early in the morning when the sun has not reached its peak yet.  Homes with open floor plans with no division walls for the kitchen area will easily circulate heat from the stove so it is imperative to avoid cooking in the afternoon. 


Insulation, Insulation, Insulation.

Insulate your attic and walls to block outside heat from getting into your home. Insulation is often only associated with keeping the home warm during winter, but insulation also keeps the heat out and cool air in during summer. Talk to your trusted contractor to check if your insulation needs repair, update, or change. 


Indoor Plants

If you have a green thumb or if you love plants, summer is the perfect season to adorn your home with indoor plants. They are decorative and are effective in keeping your spaces cool. As the temperature indoors rises, plants will release moisture from their leaves which will greatly help in cooling your home. Nature is wonderful and use it to your advantage to keep cool this summer.


Leave the door and windows open in the evening and early morning

If you are 100% certain that it is safe to do so, leave your door and windows open in the evening until the early morning to let the cool breeze in. As soon as the sun rises, shut them tight to trap the cool air inside. Only do this trick if you are in a safe neighborhood without the threat of burglars or wild animals that may pay you a surprise visit in the middle of the night. Safety always comes first. 

Choose cotton

Cotton fabrics are perfect for the summer season because they are breathable and do not retain heat. Choose loose cotton clothing for comfortability. Also, change your beddings, pillow cases, duvet, and bed sheets to cotton for a fresh and cool sleep.


Bonus: Take frequent showers.

You can take a quick shower as often as you like in summer. Taking a shower quickly lowers your body temperature, will relieve stiff muscles, and will improve blood circulation.


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