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32 Vintage Garden Décor Ideas to Give Your Outdoor Space Flair

32 Vintage Garden Décor Ideas to Give Your Outdoor Space Flair

32 Vintage Garden Décor Ideas to Give Your Outdoor Space Flair

Vintage is certainly in style at the moment when it comes to décor ideas for your garden. Whether you decide to add some finishing touches in vintage design or redesign your whole garden with a display of old-world charm, it is sure to look fantastic with these vintage décor garden ideas.

1) Bird Bath

Vintage bird baths look authentic in tarnished silver metal or china.

2) Bird House

A miniature vintage house complete with shutters and a gabled roof adds an old-world charm to a garden bird house.

3) Bird Feeder

Animal-designed bird feeders are in style right now. Choose a woodland creature, such as a rabbit or squirrel, that will remind you of a less complicated world.

4) Stepping stones

These can be designed in any way you like. Woodland scenes or flowers say vintage better than any other type, however.

5) Lights

Use an old-fashioned lighting display such as ornate brass or black metal to suggest a vintage feel.

6) Lanterns

Nothing says 19th century quite like lanterns as they are reminiscent of a time when lanterns had to be lit at night by a lamplighter rather than the flick of a switch.

7) Rockery

A rockery is a vintage addition to any garden, and you can use vintage in the design, too.

8) Waterfall

Set a water feature up right, and you can turn your rockery into a vintage waterfall.

9) Lighthouse

The use of old-world implements says vintage, too, and there is no end to the possibilities for them in the garden. A lighthouse can be placed near the rockery for a touch of classic charm.

10) Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows exude nostalgia. A small wheelbarrow can be used as a garden statue, or use a larger one to create a focal point or use as a flower bed.

11) Gnomes

Garden gnomes, such as this Welcome Gnome Solar Garden Decoration make great vintage ornaments for the garden. Once you have bought one, you may decide to get others and create a gnome menagerie.

11)	Gnomes

12) Angel Figures

You don’t have to be religious to love angel figures. Their reassuring presence can make a great vintage feature for the garden. Decorate it with lights for a festive feel.

13) Woodland creatures

A touch of Beatrix Potter vintage is created using woodland figures in the garden. If you have small children around, they will love to run through your garden trying to find where these creatures have been placed.

14) Treehouse Figures

A treehouse scene can be created using the right figures, which will give your garden a fun, rustic feel.

15) Bench

Benches are a great way to display vintage designs. Stressed wood and rustic white paint will give these the perfect finishing touch.

16) Patio Furniture

There is a certain old-world charm in garden furniture. Use wood or metal rather than plastic as this will make the furniture appear more aged.

17) Stool

A wooden three-legged stool will look like a lovely vintage piece and will come in handy for additional seating or storage, too.

18) Tea service

Set your garden furniture with a floral tea service for a vintage afternoon tea.

19) Hanging baskets

Use a hand-woven or china basket to create rustic vintage charm for hanging flowers.

20) Heating

A log burner will give an old-fashioned warm welcome to evening guests.

21) Candles

If it is a still night, candles add vintage charm to an evening soiree, especially if they are teamed with long, metal-effect candle holders.

22) Oil warmers

For windier nights, use oil burners to add vintage charm to your evening.

23) Fragrance

Grow flowers such as jasmine or lavender for the perfect vintage fragrance.

24) Herb Garden

An herb garden will say vintage charm and will be useful for creating meals, too.

25) Picket Fence

Add a white picket fence to your front garden for some gorgeous nostalgic charm

25)	Picket Fence

26) Vintage swing set

An old-fashioned swing set will look perfect on the lawn. Just make sure it complies with modern safety standards.

27) Croquet set

This will convey early 20th-century charm and sophistication.

28) Flower pots

Rustic or stressed looking flower pots can be used to brighten up your garden.

29) Wind chimes

Metal wind chimes create that nostalgic feeling. Go for art deco for that touch of the 1930s.

29)	Wind chimes

30) Door knob

Don’t forget that door knobs can be used to add vintage charm, too. Use these on either a back door or shed.

31) Milk cans

Once used all over the country, milk cans add a great touch and can be used as ornaments or to grow flowers.

32) Trough

A metal trough makes a great flower bed.


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