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25 Small Indoor Garden Design Ideas

25 Small Indoor Garden Design Ideas

25 Small Indoor Garden Design Ideas

You don’t need to have an expansive outdoor garden to experience the benefits that plants and flowers can provide.

An Attractive Atrium

From small bay windows to enclosed porch areas, this type of unused space can be used to create a beautiful atrium filled with plants that love lots of light.

Teacup Plants

It’s a myth that every plant needs to be placed in a large pot in order to thrive. There are plenty of tiny plants that will grow very happily inside a teacup.

Herb Window Garden

Herbs are super easy to grow and will thrive when placed on a sunny windowsill. In addition to their beautiful greenery, you’ll also always have fresh herbs on hand when you’re cooking.

Zen Garden

If you haven’t been blessed with a green thumb, a Zen garden comprised of rocks, sand, small statues and moss could be the ideal option for you. You could even hang some wind chimes, such as these Resonant Wood Wind Chimes, above your Zen garden to appeal to even more of your senses.

Zen Garden

Miniature Planter Gardens

Fill a shallow but wide plant pot with soil, position some plants around the outside, and create a cute patio area on which you can place some tiny pots.

Water Garden

Certain plants will tolerate the complete submersion of their roots, allowing to you create an underwater garden that can be placed anywhere in your home.

Fairy Garden

If you’re looking for a creative project, you can craft or find items that will help you to create a picture-perfect garden fit for a fairy. Think mushroom houses and tiny white picket fences.

Miniature Greenhouse

Whether you want to create your own cut flower or vegetable garden, a small tiered greenhouse can provide you with enough space to make your green-fingered dreams come true.

Vertical Garden

The structure of a vertical garden is comprised of multiple tiny pots and has been designed to ensure that each plant will receive enough water to thrive.

Succulent Gardens

Succulents flourish on neglect, so if you’re looking for something low-maintenance, this is the perfect option for you.

Succulent Gardens

A Verdant Boxed Display

Arranging tiny cacti inside a box with glass panels can create a sweet miniature display filled with verdant treasures.

Minimal Wall Planters

Suspending small, lightweight planters from a simple metal grid hung on a wall will allow you to create a display that can be adjusted seasonally.

An Air Garden

Air plants are super low maintenance and can be placed in a variety of glass containers without any soil.

Windowsill Planters

If you have a bare windowsill, building a planter to fit its exact dimensions is an exciting way to add some additional charm to your home.

A Living Room Divider

Trailing a hardy plant like ivy across an open screen is a creative way to create a room divider that will help you to established dedicated zones within an open-plan home.

Wall Gardens

If you want to create a real talking point in your home, a walled garden will do just that. Most come with integrated watering systems or a cascading structure that will ensure each plant gets the hydration it needs to thrive.

Creative Planters

From found logs with enough space to arrange a few plants to wall-mounted containers ideal for low-maintenance air plants, there are myriad ways to get creative with plant life in your home.

Wooden Wall Planters

Inspired by shadow boxes, wall planters can create a beautiful living feature within your home.

Garden Poles

Curtain poles can house a variety of hanging planters with ease. Fill with everything from herbs and flowers to succulents; just make sure whatever you plant has enough natural light.

Glass Terrariums

From tiny terrariums to much larger, more statement options, you can create your own design piece using decorative rocks and your favourite plants.

Glass Terrariums

Wooden Palette Garden

Attaching some planters to an old wooden palette is an excellent way to repurpose an existing object and create a unique design feature.

Light Planters

Planting reservoirs can be added to particular hanging light fittings to create a unique hanging indoor garden that is certain to make an impression.

Hanging Baskets

Not just for outdoors, a hanging basket can be placed anywhere inside to add color and interest to your chosen space.

Moss Wall Panel

An easy way to add a botanical flair to your home, moss panels are incredibly low-maintenance and act as expert air humidifiers.

Quirky Light Bulb Planters

When placed in light bulb-shaped planters and suspended from the ceiling using clear thread, air plants can be used to create an unusual Pinterest-perfect feature.


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