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20 Wonderful Lanterns That Will Brighten Up Your Home

20 Wonderful Lanterns That Will Brighten Up Your Home

20 Wonderful Lanterns That Will Brighten Up Your Home

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a loved one’s new home or are eager to transform a space in your own home and create a unique ambiance that is both welcoming and cozy, there is an elegant lantern to suit all tastes and styles.

Celestial Lanterns

From hanging star-shaped designs, like this Sapphire Star Table Lantern, to lanterns with intricate star and moon cut out detailing, celestial inspired lanterns will immediately introduce a sense of personality into your chosen space.

Celestial Lanterns

Birdcage Lanterns

Taking inspiration from the hexagonal silhouettes of antique birdcages, birdcage lanterns, such as this Moroccan Birdcage Lantern, also feature beautifully patterned cut out-detailing and hinged glass panels in a variety of hues.

Moroccan Lanterns

From multi-faceted Hanging Moroccan Star Lanterns to designs featuring colored glass, like this Amber Moroccan Candle Lantern, and beautiful patterns, Moroccan-inspired lanterns are immediately visually striking and will capture attention for all the right reasons.

Romantic Lanterns

Ideal for garden parties and to illuminate fireplaces in contemporary homes, white, ivory and cream colored lanterns, such as this White Moroccan Style Lantern, have a soft and romantic aesthetic that will add both a warm glow and a sense of lightness to your chosen space.

Rainbow Lanterns

If you can’t resist a bit of color, Magic Rainbow Candle Lanterns are certain to help you set the right atmosphere in your home. Each glass panel has its own unique color palette, which will send streams of rainbow light throughout your space.

Intricate Lanterns

Lanterns with intricate patterns will create unique shadows in your surroundings, which can seriously ramp up the coziness level.

Minimal Lanterns

If you appreciate the glow a lantern gives but you prefer simple silhouettes, don’t panic because minimal lanterns, such as this Manhattan Candle Lantern, are sure to slip seamlessly into your home. Look for designs with large panels of glass set into a simple structure that exudes elegance and sophistication.

Colorful Lanterns

Neutral tones don’t inspire everyone. If you are someone who adores splashes of bold colors, a bold lantern, like these Tropical Mini Lanterns, is likely to be more your vibe. From hot pinks to gorgeous greens and vibrant yellows, the good news is that there’s a lantern for absolutely everyone.

Colorful Lanterns

Lighthouse Lanterns

Charming and sweet, nautical-inspired lighthouse lanterns, such as this Black Lighthouse Lantern, are the ideal addition to a seaside-themed bathroom or to the table of a beach-inspired get together.

Vintage Lanterns

Taking inspiration from old streetlamps, vintage lanterns, like this Open Top Hanging Lamp, have a timeless silhouette that will make the right impression wherever you choose to display them.

Natural Lanterns

Constructed from a variety of materials including bamboo, natural lanterns like this Small Bamboo Lantern are the ideal way to add a peaceful glow to your home. Use as a beautiful tabletop centerpiece or add some personality to a sleek side table.

Rustic Lanterns

Constructed from galvanized metal, rustic lanterns, such as this Galvanized Farmhouse Lantern, are often finished with a twisted rope handle and will complement a variety of rustic farmhouse-style interiors.

Shabby Chic Lanterns

The lightly distressed finish of Traditional White Lanterns is timelessly charming and will add a romantic element to a range of interiors.

Victorian Lanterns

Taking inspiration from intricate lacework, Victorian lanterns, like this White Lace Victorian Style Lantern, are ideal finishing decorative flourishes to French farmhouse-inspired interiors.

Antique Lanterns

The beauty of antique-inspired lanterns, such as this Antique-Style Floral Lantern is that they have timeless silhouettes that will simply never go out of style. Styles with a lightly distressed finish have an aged appearance but antique lanterns look equally impactful when fresh and pristine.

Grecian Lanterns

Supremely stylish and with enough presence to make an impact when positioned alone on a coffee table or console, Large Grecian Lanterns benefit from the best aspects of a sleek structure and carefully selected intricate decorations.

Floral Lanterns

Similarly to celestial inspired lanterns, designs with floral decorations, like this Distressed Floral Lantern, have the ability to showcase your unique style and personality within your home.

Floral Lanterns

Mini Lanterns

If you want to experience the unparalleled beauty of the glow from a lantern but you just don’t have enough space for a larger statement piece, Mini White Contemporary Lanterns are primed to become your interior design BFF.

Sleek Lanterns

Alternatively, a Tall Slate Lantern could be the ideal shape to fill a darker space in your home that is in need of some additional illumination.

Contemporary Lanterns

The joy of lanterns is that they can be as intricate or as simple as you want them to be. If you don’t like fussy design and want something with sleek lines that will work within your contemporary home, there are a variety of silhouettes and hues to choose from, including trendy Rose Gold Lanterns that are very Instagrammable.


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