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Solar Power Floating Fountain Garden Pool Pond Watering Kit

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Product Description

Solar Power Floating Fountain Garden Pool Pond Watering Kit

Create a serene and captivating water feature in your garden, pool, or pond with this Solar Power Floating Fountain Kit. Here are the features and details:

  • Solar-Powered: This fountain pump is solar-powered, which means it operates automatically without the need for batteries or electricity. Simply place it in a sunny spot in your garden, and it will work its magic.

  • Multiple Spray Heads: The kit includes four different spray heads, allowing you to choose various water patterns for your fountain. Customize the look of your water feature to suit your garden's aesthetic.

  • Easy Installation: To set up, place the pump in the water with its nozzle above the surface. Ensure that the pump is securely fixed to the bottom to prevent vibrations.

  • Cleaning: It's important to note that the pump may become blocked when working in muddy water. In such cases, you'll need to disassemble it for cleaning.

  • Solar Panel: For optimal performance, make sure the solar panel is positioned under direct sunlight.


  • Material: Sponge & Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Product Size: Approx. 160 x 35mm
  • Solar Battery: 8V/1.6W
  • Pump Power: 8V/1.4W
  • Lmp: 0.2A
  • Max Lift of Pump: 130cm
  • Max Flow of Pump: 180L/h
  • Max Water Height: 40-70cm

Enhance the beauty of your outdoor space with this solar-powered floating fountain kit. Enjoy the soothing sound of running water and the visual appeal it brings to your garden or pond.

4 x Spray head nozzel
1 x Nozzle Base
1 x Connection Head
1 x Outlet
1 x Filter plastic part
1 x Manual 

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