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Aloha Bay - Chakra Votive Candle - Money - Case of 12 - 2 oz

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Product Description

Ignite the energy of prosperity with Aloha Bay's Chakra Votive Candle - Money. This case comprises 12 exquisite 2 oz votive candles, each crafted to harness the power of abundance and success.

Manifest Prosperity: Designed to enhance your connection with financial abundance, the Money Chakra Votive Candle is infused with intention. As the candle burns, it radiates the energy needed to attract prosperity and financial well-being.

Empowered Burn Time: Experience up to 15 hours of luminous abundance as each Money Chakra Votive Candle burns. Its enduring flame serves as a beacon of financial growth and success.

Sustainable Brilliance: Crafted from sustainable palm wax and infused with 100% pure essential oils, these votive candles embody intention and quality. Let their radiant glow light the path to financial achievement.

Chakra Aligned: This votive candle resonates with the energy of the money chakra, aligning your intentions with the pursuit of financial success. Use it during meditation, rituals, or simply to infuse your space with the vibration of abundance.

Case of 12: Elevate your energetic experience with a case of 12 Money Chakra Votive Candles. Whether you're setting intentions, conducting rituals, or enhancing your ambiance, these candles ensure an enduring connection to prosperity.

Ignite Prosperity: Let the luminosity of each flame inspire you to claim the abundance you deserve. With the Money Chakra Votive Candle, you're inviting the energy of success into your life.

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